If you love the great outdoors, want to see forests flourish, and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty then tree planting might be the right volunteer program for you. One tree at a time, we can collectively grow new forests and help restore areas that have been affected by deforestation in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is currently loosing over 300 000 ha of forests yearly to new settlements, agriculture, mining, urban expansion, infrastructure development and energy needs of both urban and rural dwellers. Through our Volunteers Program Environmental Buddies Zimbabwe offers you the perfect and timely opportunity to join hands with other forest stakeholders in repairing, preserving and conserving Zimbabwean forests. The main objective of this forest restoration program is to reconstruct forests in order to improve quality of life, rebuild natural habitats and ecosystems, and mitigate the impact of climate change and global warming.

Our Forest Landscape Restoration volunteer placements involve many different responsibilities, depending on the job you choose. Responsibilities will be including working in a tree nursery, educating communities on sustainable forests resources management, tree planting, after tree planting care, capacity building and poverty alleviation programs and general community development initiatives.

Our Forest Landscape Reforestation Volunteer Program has four main components:


Raising Tree Nurseries. This will involve construction of the nursery structures, seed collection, seed storage, seed treatment before planting and tenting to the tree saplings in the nursery.

Capacity Building, Education and Awareness: Focus will be mainly on managing out-planting areas and after tree planting care, bee keeping and honey production, art and crafts, jewellery making and indigenous fruits processing , storage and marketing.

Tree planting begins at the onset of the raining season, from November up to March. During this period community members, teachers and children are assisted by staff and volunteers. A selected number and tree species will be planted to meet the needs of the community.

Monitoring and evaluation. This will be done to check progress on tree outplanting areas and assess community’s Knowledge, Attitude and Knowledge on the project.


Flexible; willing to do various tasks based on season and project needs

Healthy and physically prepared to do manual labour in a both urban and rural settings.

Hard working, ready to do anything!

Responsible and safety minded.

Positive mindset.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited during working hours.

Age range: 18-80, all minors should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Working Schedule: 5 days a week for 6 – 8 hours a day

Languages: English

Accommodation: available

Food: 3 meals daily

We provide: 24/7 emergency telephone support.

Optional: A letter of recommendation and certificate at the end of your volunteer time.

Dates: This project is available year around.


2 weeks: US$1350
3 weeks: US$1650
6 weeks: US$1960

What’s Included


What’s not Included

Return air fares. ( all volunteers should have travel insurance)
Soft drinks and beers
Extra activities
Dinners while in towns


Volunteers can choose to volunteer for any duration from 1 week to 12 weeks. There are activities throughout the year, with a lot of work to be done.


Orientation is given by our local team at our offices in Domboshava. Orientation covers everything the volunteer needs to know for his/her volunteer program– introduction to Zimbabwe, Zimbabwean culture and customs, language details, rules and expectations, safety, travel opportunities in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, activity introduction and placement. The orientation will also give the volunteer a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing.


Volunteers will have a shift which will last about 6 to 8 hours daily. A typical day schedule would be as follows:

7.30 AM – Breakfast.

8.00 AM – Brief meeting to report on yesterday’s events and map the day’s activities.

9.00AM – Volunteers leave for their daily activities

1.00 PM –Lunch.

2.00PM – Community visits

4.00PM- Working day ends

7.00 PM – Dinner

Volunteers are free to explore the region on their own during weekends.


Accommodation is located on-site at EBZ offices where volunteers will be based. Living is rural area and communal, but comfortable. 2 Volunteers will share a room, beds will be provided. The facility is equipped with gas stoves, showers (no hot water), electricity or solar energy depending on location. Please note, there is no wi-fi for now, but mobile coverage is available.


Volunteers will be provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please be sure to let us know of any specific dietary requirements you have so we can make special arrangements for you.


During the weekend, volunteers have spare time to relax or take the opportunity to explore other parts of Zimbabwe. Long weekends can be taken to travel further afield to visit destinations such as the Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe, Hwange Nation park or neighbouring countries. Our local staff will provide volunteers with travel information and set them up with a local guide if needed. The cost of tours and local guides are not included in our program fee and can be paid by the volunteer upon arrival at Tourist destinations.


Zimbabwe has a rain season that is from November to March, followed by winter from mid-May up to End of July, and a dry hot season from August up to October. Project areas, day temperatures typically range from 27° to 35° and night temperatures rarely fall below 18

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