Since 2013 Environmental Buddies Zimbabwe Trust works with a variety of schools throughout Zimbabwe to raise awareness on forest resources, provide and plant trees. School Tree Planting projects help bonds students to the benefits of trees and foster environmental stewardship. These projects also support our larger community effort to help in the Greening of Zimbabwe.

Most of us recognize the beauty of trees and their many other values. They help protect our waterways by intercepting storm water, stabilizing soil and using nutrients that would otherwise wash into waterways. Environmental benefits such as clean air and water. Trees help moderate temperature and muffle noise. They even help improve air quality by absorbing some airborne compounds that could be harmful to us, and by giving off oxygen. Spending time around trees and in nature also makes us healthier and even improves our students’ academic performances.

This tree planting program is a learning opportunity to get kids involved in the environment and conservation of our natural resources. The idea is to instill values of sustainable environmental management in children so that they grow up to be Green Ambassadors. In addition by stimulating environmental interest and stewardship in them, we hope they will share what they learn with their respective communities and families. Tree planting is a great way to increase student interest in their local environment and achieve academic goals. Each school tree planting provides educators with the opportunity to inspire school staff members and students to effect positive change at their schools and, in turn, their communities.

When students plant trees, they can see for themselves the structure of trees, learn what they need and how they grow. Teachers can use the planting process to discuss the benefits trees provide, while including many subjects that their classes are studying. As trees mature, the trees can be a continuing, personalized way of relating what they’ve learned in books to visible, living examples.

Students become aware that they can play a role in protecting the environment through personal involvement. Ultimately, it is hoped that the experience will help them make intelligent decisions about conservation and use of our valuable natural resources.