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Preparing Planting Holes

  • You need compost or dry manure enough to fill the hole for each tree. If you are using fresh manure, prepare the holes four weeks before planting the trees so that the manure doesn’t burn the roots.

  • Dig a planting hole 60cm wide, 60cm long and 60 cm deep.

  • Dig out the top 25cm of soil (topsoil) and put it to one side of the hole. Then dig out the bottom 35cm and put it on the other side of the hole. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole.

  • Using a shovel put back the top soil into to the hole .

  • Mix the remaining compost/manure with the bottom soil at a ratio of 1:2.

  • Fill the hole with the topsoil mixture leaving 5cm on top to allow for watering.

  • Fill up the hole with water so that the soil can settle downwards. If the soil sinks, fill the hole again with more of the topsoil mixture and water again. The hole is now ready for planting.

Planting the tree

  • Water thoroughly the trees in the containers/pocket 15minutes before planting. Also water the planting hole.

  • In the middle of the hole dig a small hole deep enough as the tree was growing in its container.

  • Slowly massage the pocket to allow the soil to separate from the pocket.

  • Remove the tree from the pocket without disturbing the soil and the roots.

  • Place tree into the hole and cover with soil.  Ensure you only cover the tree up to the level where soil was covering while tree was still in the pocket or container. If you cover the trunk/ tree part which was outside the soil while tree was still in the pocket, the trunk may rot.

  • Using either your hands or feet, press the soil mixture around the container/pocket mixture.

  • Fill the basin with water.

  • Put a mulch of dry grass or leaves in the basin. The mulch will keep the soil wet and stop weeds from growing. Don’t let the mulch touch the trunk of the tree as it may rot the truck.

  • Give each tree 15litres of water weekly, unless there is rain.

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Written by bjpmoyo